A Bug's Life

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Wanna Know What's a V-Virus??
Heh Heh Heh ...

Its something Small ..
Its something Strong ..
Its something Strange ..
Its something SUPERB!!

At first, u'll not notice it until it starts to grow..
u can't sleep well at night and u feel uncomfortable
the feeling is somehow perplexing but it is totally Awesome!!

The story Starts Unexpectedly

Timbre @ The Substation
A good friend of mine, YanJie invited me to meet up with a friend of us, which i called "ATAS"!
She's an Uptown Girl who speaks Fluent ENGLISH and she dressed up like a total High Class Girl with SUPER High Heels! >.< There were 4 of us including YanJie, ATAS, Me and a friend of ATAS named Michelle Wong.
Michelle Wong is the Designer of La Belle Singapore!
YanJie ordered something really COOL for me called the Jägerbomb!
Its a cocktail that is mixed by dropping a shot of Jägermeister into a glass of Red Bull.


The Clinic & Zirca
We went to The Clinic at Clarke Quay for our 2nd and 3rd Round!
We had a few Shots at the clinic and decided to go somewhere else.. Somewhere Fun

We cabbed from Clarke Quay -> Double OO -> Clarke Quay!
Aren't we amazing? In Clarke Quay, we wanted to go to Double OO. Then we decided to go back to Clarke Quay upon see-ing the Super Long Queue at Double OO! So we headed back to Zirca in Clarke Quay!
Fun Night Out ^^
That's where i got infected by the V-Virus!

Universal Studio Singapore
17th Jan 2011, Monday
ATAS and I went to the USS.
Credits to YanJie for giving me this opportunity!
The USS is much smaller comparing to the one in Los Angeles, California!
There are a variety of Rides and the most Interesting one is the Mummy Ride.

The Tummy Ride

Look at the ABS!!


We had Lots of Fun and the Best of all was to take on the Canopy Flyer IN THE RAIN and got ourselves soaked up from head to toe!!
Since both of us were already so wet, we Ran into the Rain, Jumping into the Fountain and that's the Craziest thing i've ever done in Singapore! Every1 else were sheltering or covered up with raincoats staring at us having so much Fun in the Rain!

These are some of the photos taken in the USS .. ^^

~ Far Far Away ~

Puss In Boots!! Meow~

Betty Boop!Charlie Chaplin @.@

At the end of the day, ATAS had 2 stories to tell!
The 1st one is "We got WET and Jump Into the Fountain!!"
The 2nd one is "Ohh.. An Uncle Hits On Kevin.." ROFL!!!

Sands SkyPark
We had Billy Bombers before heading to the SkyPark

Billy Bombers*

Entrance To The SkyPark!

Our 1st Movie @ GV VivoCity: Meet the Parents - Little Fockers!

ATAS made me put 3 Yam Dumplings into my mouth T___T

Our 2nd Movie @ GV Marina Square: Shaolin


Siloso Beach

ATAS went back to Perth on the 22nd January 2011
leaving the V-Virus within me~!!!
... ... ...

The story CONTINUES~~~

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


15th December 2010

I had My 1st Term Test paper which is Human Factor at 9.30am!!
It Was as Easy aS ABC ^^

The Main event today was IKEA!!
Jas finished her 1st and also the Last Term Test paper at around 5pm and we departed to Ikea at 6pm!!

There's an Minor Car accident on our way there and therefore there's a Big Traffic Jam and it Contributed to the Time Extension to get to Ikea..


This Is What Me N Jas Ordered !!!

WOAW!!! 20 Pieces Of Sweedish Meatballs!!! Nuggets!!! Chick~en!!! To-Ma-To Soup!!!
R We THAT Hungry?? @.@

I Got My new luggage bag from GIANT ~ ^^


My luggage NICE Right?? ^^ LOL
Cab home as usual with a joyful smile on my face!!! =)

*I'm Already Hving Holiday Mood When Exams Are Right Here Waiting For Me*
Omg Omg Omg..

Gotta Study Hard & Smart for Now!!
All the best for Term Test Students~~ !!!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Gundam Strike Freedom

Today was a WONDERFUL day

Me n Jas went to VivoCity to have short break before our TERM TEST!
We took MRT to VivoCity and along the way, we saw a lot of people with huge shopping bags going in n out of the MRT. ITS SALES ALL OVER SINGAPORE!!!

We first went to the FOOD REPUBLIC as it was almost 3.30pm when we reached there.
Got Lost For the 1st time at VivoCity, y do i always got lost when Jas is around?? Mayb coz i'm infected by her "NO SENSE OF DIRECTION" virus?? LOL..

I Missed the Laksa.. I Missed the 刀削面.. the stalls there weren't the ones we had before. the quality dropped tremendously from Great to Worst!!!
Gosh.. Mammie is going to be real sad too as the OLD Laksa is her Favourite..
Its a Boring day until something GREAT

My sis was in Charles & Keith and i was like @.@ walking without knowing where i'm going. n then, i saw "TOYS R US"!! OMG its one of my favourite shop!!!
Since its X'Mas Season now. Toys R Us is FULL OF PEOPLE buying toys and gifts for their children, grandchildren.. (mainly adults)
Now!!! I've Finally got a TARGET, a DIRECTION .. .. ..
My Head is full of
"WHERE's My Gundam.. Where's My GUNDAM.."
After lurking in the shop for like 10mins, finally!!!

I wanted to reward myself for Passing my CAAS M9 paper which i took on Thursday!
After struggling for 5min.. i grabbed Gundam Strike Freedom and walked happily to the cashier! Guess wat.. the QUEUE WAS LIKE from Tampines to Habour Front sia!!! I Cant Imagine how long would i be q-ing up until i got to pay for my GUNDAM!!
Then We decided to go to Tampines Mall's TOYS R US!
I Was so delighted when i saw my GUNDAM STRIKE FREEDOM..
without hesitating, i took it and paid for it so that i wont have a 2nd thought about BUYING or NOT BUYING it.. LOL

Its So COOL!!!



Its almost 10pm when we reached home. both me n Jas are totally exhausted but it was a fruitful day for me!! well i'm not sure how Jas feels coz she didn't bought much..

the funniest part is when we're webcaming with our mammie, she said
"Y U GUYS COME BACK SO EARLY AA??" around 10.30pm!!
OMG 10pm ++ arriving home is TOO EARLY for my mammie..
guess next time We should go out till 2am then!!

Well.. There Goes My Wonderful Saturday!!!